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Xiaochun Liu

I am a 3rd year PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin Madison in Computational Optics Group.

Currently I spend most of my time thinking about the novel camera which can see around the corner. This research area is called "Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) imaging."

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Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging using Phasor Field Virtual Wave Optics
Xiaochun Liu, Ibon Guillen, Marco La Manna, Ji Hyun Nam, Syed Azer Reza, Toan Huu Le, Adrian Jarabo, Diego Gutierrez, Andreas Velten
Nature, 2019
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Diffraction imaging approach for non-line-of-sight imaging problem. Turns NLOS imaging into a virtual camera designing problem.

Phasor Field NLOS / Fourier Imaging

Analysis of Feature Visibility in Non-Line-of-Sight Measurements
Xiaochun Liu, Sebastian Bauer, Andreas Velten
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) , 2019
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We present a spatial-frequency analysis on the limited time resolved measurement for the NLOS imaging.

NLOS Missing Cone Problem / Incomplete Measurement Space

Conference Talk

A line-of-sight approach for non-line-of-sight imaging (Conference Presentation)
Marco La Manna, Xiaochun Liu, Ji Hyun Nam, Martin Laurenzis, Andreas Velten, SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, 2019
Non-line-of-sight 3D imaging (Conference Presentation)
Andreas Velten, Marco La Manna, Ji Hyun Nam, Xiaochun Liu, SPIE Commercial + Scientific Sensing and Imaging, 2018

Side Project
Sequential Prediction of Stock Price
Xiaochun Liu, John Ulysses George Balis, Lane Enrique Schultz, Toan Huu Le
Class Project, 2019 Spring

CS 760 Class Final Project: Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM), Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Support Vector Machine Regression (SVR) on US stock prediction.

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As a living soul, I am also motivated by some interesting projects outside the "research work".
Things like:
  •   Wintergatan - Marble Machine Project conceived by Wintergatan
  •   How strong is Oobleck? by TheBackyardScientist

If you find yourself accidentally enjoy some musical projects like:   leeSA - TikTok (Cover) with H^3 / Yana , I Knew You Were Trouble - WALK OFF THE EARTH Feat. KRNFX , leeSA - Thunder (Cover) , Wake Me Up - Avicii (violin/cello/bass cover) , Viva La Vida cover by Yixin Lin Shara Lin , J Rabbit - Good Luck..! ,..., I may have a higher chances to hang out with you : )


2013 - 2017 @ China   I worked as the Team Leader for the student based startup company called YullionX which focuses on the technical competition, tech-product design, Arduino/SMT32/Raspberrypi lessons for students. YullionX consists of three departments: Technology, Marketing and Job-seeking.

Great people I worked with on crazy ideas: Xiaobo Hu, Zeng Peng, Yongxin Liang, Yunxiang Yang, Jie Xu, Chonghui Zheng


Startup Intro Video @2016
Recruitment Talk @2016

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