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Xiaochun Liu 刘笑纯

I am a 3rd year ECE PhD candidate at Computational Optics Group, University of Wisconsin Madison, where I do computational imaging research.

I am, somehow, within signal processing, optics engineering, mathematics, and computational photography. Working with imaging and cameras, it allows me customizing theories with engineering technics, and rendering arts for additional decorations.

For the moment I process signals, I don't play guitar.
During 2007-2014, I was a guitar soloist and lead singer of the "LingWu" (凌舞) music band, located at Shenyang, China. If you are interested, some of old shows can be found through online via Mandarin.

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As a PhD student in Computational Imaging/Photography, I have carried out designs for a time of flight imaging system that can look around the corner, including inverse wave model to recover hidden images, a fast and memory-efficient reconstruction algorithm with its parallel implementation, model analysis in the Wigner Distribution Domain.
My highlighted works were published in Nature, Nature Communication and covered by news which can be found below.

"Dark magic" camera

  • 04/2020 :   Using Wigner Distribution Function to explain non-line-of-sight imaging is presented at ICCP
  • 04/2020 :   Nature Communication paper is accepted, making SPAD array seeing around the corner in real-time
  • 01/2020 :   Ibon Guillen present our work about phasor field reflectance model at ICASSP in Barcelona, Spain
  • 08/2019 :   Our wave method published in Nature
  • 04/2019 :   Becomes a PhD candidtate at at ECE University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • 02/2019 :   Missing cone NLOS imaging published in CVPR
  • 06/2017 :   Start as a PhD student in Computational Optics Group at ECE University of Wisconsin - Madison

Representative papers are highlighted below

The role of Wigner Distribution Function in Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
Xiaochun Liu, Andreas Velten
ICCP, 2020    (Representative paper)
Project / Paper / bibtex

Using Wigner Distribution Function (WDF) to explain non-line-of-sight imaging.

Phasor Field Diffraction Based Reconstruction for Fast Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Systems
Xiaochun Liu, Sebastian Bauer, Andreas Velten
Nature Communication, 2020    (Representative paper)
Project / Paper / Reviews / Code / Data archive / bibtex

A fast and memory efficient algorithm which allows seeing around the corner with SPAD array non-confocal acquisition in real-time.

On the Effect of Reflectance on Phasor Field Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
Ibon Guillen, Xiaochun Liu, Andreas Velten, Diego Gutierrez, Adrian Jarabo
ICASSP, 2020
Paper / bibtex

Look different materials around the corner using wave optics and explain why they look different.

Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging using Phasor Field Virtual Wave Optics
Xiaochun Liu, Ibon Guillen, Marco La Manna, Ji Hyun Nam, Syed Azer Reza, Toan Huu Le, Adrian Jarabo, Diego Gutierrez, Andreas Velten
Nature, 2019    (Representative paper)
Project / Paper / Code and Dataset / Video1 / Video2 / bibtex

Make a virtual camera to look around the corner using knowledge from classical optics.

Analysis of Feature Visibility in Non-Line-of-Sight Measurements
Xiaochun Liu, Sebastian Bauer, Andreas Velten
CVPR, 2019
Project / Paper / Supplement / Video / Poster / bibtex

We present a spatial-frequency analysis and show missing features because of limited measurements.

Conference talk
  • Reviewer 
    • IEEE :  IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging
    • OSA :  Optics Express, Optics Letters
    • SPIE :  Advanced Photonics
Stealth mode startup
Algorithm Engineering Intern
2020.6 - 2020.8, San Jose, CA

Algorithm developments for Tof Camera.

Yullion Studio
President(15-17), Tech lead(13-14)
2013 - 2017, China
Kick-off video / Recruitment talk

We help students with technology education including STEM competition, product design and marketing.

Awesome people I worked with: Renwen Cui, Xiaobo Hu, Zeng Peng, Yongxin Liang, Yunxiang Yang, Jie Xu, Chonghui Zheng

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