Last update: 11/01/2018

Xiaochun Liu

I am a 2nd year PhD student at University of Wisconsin Madison in Computational Optics Group.

Currently, I spend most of my time thinking about the novel camera which can see around the corner. This research area is called "Non-Line-Of-Sight imaging."

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  • 06/2017: Began the Non-Line-Of-Sight imaging journey at the Computational Optics Group
  • 01/2017: Started my PhD. at UW Madison, ECE department

Most of my researches involve solving the inverse problem for computational imaging and computational photography prototype, by combining (co-designing) both a physical system and the inverse method to maximize its performance and capability.


From 2013 - 2017, I worked as CEO for the student based startup company called YullionX which focuses on the technical competition, tech-product design, Arduino/SMT32/Raspberrypi lessons for students.
YullionX consists of three departments: Technology, Marketing and Job-seeking.


Startup Intro Video (made in 2016)
Recruitment talk (in 2016)

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